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There is one thing that all our clients have in common: they are keen to develop themselves and their organisation. Success looks different for different people, so our first challenge is to be clear about just what ‘vision’ and ‘success’ means to you. Once we have an idea about this, we can break it down into manageable chunks and comprehensible, achievable goals.


We work in a wide variety of sectors including: healthcare and life-sciences, education, automotive, construction, social enterprises, equestrian, and start-up businesses. We help micro-businesses up to Global plc; equity-funded businesses and pre-revenue research companies; we coach senior executives, sports people and entrepreneurs.  The common factor is that all the people and companies that we work with have a belief that good business will come from good people investing in their teams.

Good coaching provides support through models that have wide application. We’ve been key in supporting leadership learning in education, but also work successfully in industries as diverse as life-sciences, automotive, construction, social enterprises, retail and start-up businesses. We coach Executive Head Teachers, Head and Deputy Head teachers and middle and senior leaders in education. In business we work with senior executives, new and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. The common factor is that all our clients have a drive to be the best they can be and hence help their organisations to be the best.

We have helped a wide variety of organisations. Amongst these were: an SME developing their team based on the excellent Investors in People framework. Facilitated conversations provided a ‘safe’ external sounding board for ideas and questions and the outcome was a team that have continued to want more challenge, more responsibility and more growth. We helped a fast-growing healthcare business improve cohesion and collaboration in a busy head office by running workshops for almost 100 staff. We have worked with a social enterprise to help entrepreneurs develop their own business and we have provided coaching and mentoring for teachers, CEOs, and team leaders. In fact, we’d have to admit that while we help others to learn, our own development has been really exciting and if you’d like to see our passion for helping others to develop their people and their businesses, you just need to give us a call!

Have a look at our case studies and testimonials, or give Alison a ring to see what we can do to help your organisation move forward.

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel.  If they believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

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Who do we work with?
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