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Coaching for leaders in education:

Have you ever wondered:

How leadership relates to schools?

Whether you’ve got it in you to be a leader?

What a good leader actually does and how they think?

How leaders get people ‘on side’?

How you can become a leader?

Have you ever wanted to:

Step away from the classroom?

Put leadership into practice?

Learn more about leadership thinking?

Manage your time more effectively?

If you can identify with any of these, then coaching could help you.

“Leadership” can sound like a world away from lesson planning, keeping children and young people engaged and marking exercise books. It isn’t that big a step … In a world where change is the norm, MATs and TSAs need credible, sound support at levels all the way up to CEO. School improvement is an ongoing project, never a ‘do-it-once-and-move-on’ affair. Good leaders in schools understand the importance of developing and implementing innovative ways in marking assessment and pedagogy. You can do this …

Focussed coaching can help you to fill your toolbox with things that can help you on a day to day basis, grow in confidence and deliver change with impact. You’ll win over the hearts and minds of those around you and see how you can add to your existing satisfaction of setting a new generation on their way.

Good leaders in schools understand the importance of developing and implementing innovative ways in marking, assessment and pedagogy. You can do this.

What can coaching do for me?

Coaching can help you to:

Understand how you can influence and engage others

Reflect on your leadership experience

Grow in confidence

Understand your own development and the actions that you need to take

Understand your followers (or perhaps the non-followers)

What does coaching provide?

Quality time for you

A confidential environment for discussion and reflection

The chance to talk to someone outside your usual circle

An experienced coach to act as a sounding board and ‘Professional Friend’

How does coaching help your leadership skills?

Coaching helps you to understand your own leadership style

Coaching improves your self-awareness, including how you communicate with your team

Coaching offers you a conversation that guides, supports and challenges your thinking

Coaching helps to embed your leadership learning

Coaching provides you with support for practical steps towards your goals

Who is coaching for?

Any teacher looking to move up the career ladder can benefit from coaching.

 “Leaders are made, not born” (Vince Lombardi). We all need to learn … Leadership is not a mystery, it isn’t the preserve of a select few people. Empathy and emotional intelligence are important qualities of good leaders and these may be difficult to teach, but leadership learning can provide a good basis for developing any budding strengths that you have. You already act as a leader in your work and in your daily life, you just (perhaps) don’t see it as that. Coaching, then, can define and refine those inherent skills, behaviours and competencies that are just waiting to be developed further. You are a leader, let’s start there!

What do clients say about coaching?

Being able to talk at length about … my personal barriers, as well as strengths; and how I can start to approach ways of thinking that improve my self-perspective a bit! It was good to come away with a ‘bigger picture’ of myself and what I am doing / how / why, as you don’t often get this opportunity.

It was great to actually have time to reflect on my own practice and discuss where I need to go next. It allowed me to lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

Having someone completely impartial who questions and encourages me to explain why I do things in a particular way.

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