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“It was great to actually have time to reflect on my own practice and discuss where I need to go next. It allowed me to lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders.”


Alison is able to ask the questions educators might assume don’t need asking. We’ve used Alison to support Headteachers, and on our middle and senior leadership courses and have seen a huge impact on the effectiveness and skills of leaders at all levels.

James PassmoreDirector, Pickwick Learning Teaching School Alliance

Being able to talk at length about … my personal barriers, as well as strengths; and how I can start to approach ways of thinking that improve my self-perspective a bit!


"It was good to come away with a ‘bigger picture’ of myself and what I am doing / how / why, as you don’t often get this opportunity"


Who are we and what do we do?

ARPAL offers Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Team Development and Leadership Training. We do this through bespoke programmes, one-to-one sessions and novel high intensity workshops. Our network of experienced professionals offers a skilled, enthusiastic and personable approach to help you run your business on a day-to-day basis, grow it into what you dream for it and transform it to stay ahead of the competition. We are expert at melding the commercial with the human to create effective, motivated teams.

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Who we work with.

Our clients range from micro businesses to £multi-million organisations. We’ve got a special interest in education and in organisations that want to grow. We’ll help your people develop themselves to reach their personal and professional goals using our approach that is proven in a wide variety of industries. We’ve worked to make a difference through coaching in education, healthcare,social enterprises, Government Departments, and private companies.

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Our prime aim is to bring a strong commercial and real-world focus to the much softer set of skills which make up leadership development. Experience of running organisations in a tough world means that not only can we take the rough with the smooth – but we can also show how this can be made manageable without sacrificing deeply held values. Although our Associates have formal education in business, coaching, mentoring and training, it is our practical know-how and real world experience that make the real connection between developing people and commercial success. Yes, we like KPIs, but we also like people.

“Within us there is someone who knows everything, wills everything, does everything better than we ourselves”

Hermann Hesse

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