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Alison Payne.


Alison has held senior leadership roles in global healthcare companies, SMEs and trade associations. She is an experienced coach and mentor and holds the ILM Level 7 Certificate and Diploma in Executive Coaching and mentoring and an MBA from Cardiff University. She offers coaching and mentoring, but also provides Coach supervision – ‘coaching for coaches’.

Alison works with businesses to develop coaching cultures and is also deeply involved with coaching leaders in education through a variety of leadership programmes such as the NPQ for middle and senior leaders and Head Teachers.

Alison’s approach to coaching stemmed from working in developing countries where it was essential to provide sustainable leadership, so her idea of success is to ‘work herself out of a job’ by providing other people with the opportunity to develop themselves and to reach their ambitions.

Her belief that we are all amazing leads her to question, challenge, support and encourage her clients to find new perspectives and new ways of working, living and winning. Always with an eye on a clear return for the coaching and mentoring intervention, she will be working with you to set out a clear plan and keeping a close eye on the outcomes that you both describe.

Alison Lewis.

Alison was formerly a senior executive officer in the Civil Service and has a significant background in estates and facilities management, as well as across Community Justice Sector projects. She is facilitator, trainer and self-taught coach, now holding Level 7 Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualification in Executive Coaching. She has a real passion for helping others achieve their potential.
Graduate educated, she has worked alongside local and public authorities and the voluntary sector across Wales.
She has been providing coaching through her own business started since September 2012 and also works in association with several training companies. “Poacher turned Game-keeper”, she worked with Oldbell 3 Ltd to evaluate leadership development interventions and other publicly funded initiatives during 2014. Currently, she has a coaching/assessing role supporting students taking the Welsh Government funded Higher Apprenticeship in Management. She also takes time out from this role to deliver bespoke interventions such as facilitating business planning and risk strategy.

Janet A Villars.

Janet is a Chartered IT professional, a fellow member of ILM and holds the ILM level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

Janet has extensive experience of leading and managing change across the public sector, implementing and challenging the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and working with chief executives, senior managers and elected members across Wales.

As a coach her style is supportive, nurturing and empowering. She establishes rapport easily and develops close and trusting relationships, providing a safe space for coachees to explore and confront their issues. She is open and empathic but will not shy away from asking the tough questions that, help to identify the issue so she swork best with those who are prepared to stretch themselves.

Janet works with people who want to focus on improving their performance, manage difficult relationships successfully, solve problems creatively, build increased confidence and self-belief to fulfil potential, and explore career direction.

Janet’s experience means that she is well placed to support executives and senior managers with difficult and complex ICT strategic issues and overcome cultural barriers that impact on the return in investment from ICT.

Ruth Wootton.

Ruth is an experienced business professional and ILM level 7 qualified coach who draws on over 20 year’s leadership experience in a wide variety of senior management roles within the Financial Services industry. She has real, hands-on experience of leading teams, implementing changes and enabling people to achieve their goals and ambitions.
Ruth’s approach to coaching and mentoring focuses on leadership capabilities, behaviours and strengths in order to develop high performance and maximise individual potential. She works with leaders facing challenges and change as well as those who are seeking to further their career. Her supportive yet practical style delivers fast results.
Ruth is dynamic and enthusiastic with a proven track record of delivering results through coaching, developing, inspiring and motivating people. She encourages both organisations and individuals to create momentum and to focus on the things that deliver tangible results.

Coaching takes many forms and fulfils widely varying needs, so if you take a look at our associate team you’ll see that we bring complementary strengths to the work that we do. We have experience in Private Sector SMEs and global plcs, micro-businesses, Public Sector and Third Sector organisations and have worked across a wide range of industry sectors. We have a few things in common though and this is what really gives us strength.

We are all:

Passionate about helping people and organisations to realise their potential

Committed to doing this ethically and professionally

We work to a clear professional code of conduct

We are insured for the work that we do

We all have real and enviable track-records

In short, we make a promise to support you and understand just how important it is for you to have clear outcomes and to add real value to you and to your organisation.

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