Supporting - Sharing - Succeeding.

Coaching to build trust confidence and enjoyment in the time spent with your horse.

Do you ever feel:

Nervous about doing something new with your horse?

Anxious about riding or competing?

Bewildered at the amount of conflicting information?

There must be an easier way to get the result you want?

ARP Equestrian Coaching will bring you:

Professional credibility framed with a sincere wish to see you do well

New energy and a fresh perspective

Clear ideas on communicating with your horse to build trust and achieve goals

Challenging but supportive exercises and discussions

If you can identify with any of these, then get in touch with Alison at ARP Equestrian Coaching to start building trust, confidence and enjoyment.

I don’t believe that there are any quick fixes with horses, we must always have more time and more patience than our equine friends.  Just like us, horses need to develop the mental as well as physical capacity to do the work that is expected of them.  They need to learn and they need to develop the strength and fitness to achieve their job without tiring or hurting.  They need to learn to trust us and also their own abilities.

As riders, we also need to build trust, not just with our horse, but with our coach.  If we want to enjoy our sport and our time with our horses we need a level of confidence.  Confidence is a fragile thing, but our programme of building solid foundations means that you will always have a good starting point if things don’t quite go to plan.

Sometimes we need to step back to develop our planning, learning and thinking. Alison will make sure that you have the support you need via lessons with your horse or personal, tailored coaching away from the horse.

Grow in confidence, enjoy your horse

What can ARP equestrian coaching do for me?

Equestrian Coaching can help you to:

Deepen and develop your knowledge and experience

Develop a personal plan for you to build your confidence

Develop a training plan suitable for your horse

Learn how you learn best so you can self-coach

Think creatively

What does our coaching give you?

Self-belief, confidence and a feeling of achievement

Encouragement and a friendly learning environment

Challenge appropriate to each person as an individual

A range of techniques to address specific goals

Who are we?

Everyone who wishes to learn will have something to gain.

Alison is great at developing confidence and helping you to achieve things you might have thought were out of reach, whether it’s jumping, cantering in company or riding an elementary dressage test.

Alison brings you her experience as a BD judge and equestrian coach as well as her knowledge derived from executive coaching.

The crossover between sports psychology, sports coaching and business coaching is recognised as coming together more than ever, so Alison’s approach recognises this and brings a new perspective to equestrian coaching: developing your knowledge and experience for sustainable success.

What do clients say about coaching?

The best view is often an objective one – here is what some of my clients said about equestrian coaching in the past year:

"I love your really friendly, down to earth lessons. We always have a bit of fun and there is something for every level of horse and rider. I don’t think anyone ever feels outridden by anyone else or embarrassed if they don’t get something the first time but at the same time you still feel challenged by the sessions. Lots of useful exercises and really lovely calm warmups, walk trot and canter in groups of 3 / 4, something I was really worried about when I first came to your sessions. My personal favourite, starting collected canter using poles - I had a really great feel.”

“.... (my horse is) not the "standard" dressage or eventing stamp, but I have faith in his abilities and it was lovely and encouraging to hear this from someone else!.”

“Getting me off the ground after so many years not jumping and giving me so, so much confidence and belief in myself that riding Oscar and dealing with his antics was just second nature. I never thought I would be aiming for an Elementary dressage test. Thank you”

“Approaching a jump without having to subject you to 'Baa baa black sheep'. Actually jumping.”

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