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Coaching for brilliant leadership.

Have you ever wanted to find ways to deal with:

Difficult conversations

Dysfunctional teams

Setting clear goals

Working under pressure

Developing your business or your team

Managing your time effectively

Have you ever wondered:

Whether you’ve got it in you to be a leader?

What a good leader actually does and how they think?

How leaders get people ‘on side’?

How you can become a leader?

Feel guilty that work takes up so much time/emotional effort?

How you can become a leader?

Have you ever:

Thought that leadership was a myth?

Thought that leadership was only relevant in other organisations?

Thought that leaders are only born – not made?

Felt as if you are just trudging towards retirement?

If you can identify with any of these, then leadership coaching could help you.

One of the most difficult things that we have to do in our fast-paced lives is to find time to reflect and learn from our experiences. Coaching creates a private space where you can consider leadership in the context of your own work.

On the whole, coaching is non-directive; that is, it isn’t going to give you all the answers. Having said that, we also support you from our own experience and knowledge and help you to fill your toolbox with things that can help you on a day to day basis.

The great thing about coaching is that we help you to put what you LEARN together and LINK it to your own work context, so that you use and embed new skills that will help you to LEAD effectively and with confidence.

The great thing about coaching is that we help you to put what you Learn together and link it to your own work context, so that you use and embed new skills that will help you to lead effectively and with confidence.

What can leadership coaching do for me?

Leadership coaching can help you to:

Work through your own leadership challenges

Reflect on your leadership experience

Embed learning from formal courses

Step back and get the ‘balcony view’

Understand your followers (or perhaps the non-followers)

What does leadership coaching provide?

Quality time for you

A confidential environment for discussion and reflection

The chance to talk to someone outside your usual circle

An experienced coach to act as a sounding board and ‘Professional Friend’

Leadership coaching helps:

Link your learning to practical leadership challenges that you face.

You to understand your own leadership style

Improve your self-awareness, including how you communicate with your team

Offers you a conversation that guides, supports and challenges your thinking

Embed your leadership learning

Provide you with support for practical steps towards your goals

Who is leadership coaching for?

Anyone in a leadership role, or looking to move into leadership can benefit from coaching.

“Leaders are made, not born” (Vince Lombardi). We all need to learn …

If you are undertaking a formal leadership course, (MBA maybe, or ILM perhaps?), then coaching can help you to embed your new learning and put your new leadership ideas into your own context. It is said that without practising what we learn within 2 days, we will lose it….That can be where coaching will help you to truly understand and use your new skills so that they become sustainable over the long term.

What do clients say about coaching?

Being able to talk at length about … my personal barriers, as well as strengths; and how I can start to approach ways of thinking that improve my self-perspective a bit!

It was great to actually have time to reflect on my own practice and discuss where I need to go next. It allowed me to lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

It was good to come away with a ‘bigger picture’ of myself and what I am doing / how / why, as you don’t often get this opportunity

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