Catalyse - Crystalise - Create.

Executive coaching – a catalyst for success.

Have you ever wanted:

To take your business to new places?

To be more creative and innovative?

To share your real thoughts with someone objective?

To define your business strategy more clearly?

Coaching can provide you with:

A ‘critical friend’

Focussed conversations

Challenging but supportive discussions

An impartial person to bounce ideas off

A new perspective

If you can identify with any of these, then getting in touch with ARPAL Coaching could help you to start getting some answers.

Coaching can act as CATALYST for your ideas, CRYSTALLISE them, then CREATE meaningful action.

It can be lonely at the top. You already know that. It can be a lonely journey on the way there as well. Here’s the irony, when we most need support, it is often hardest to ask those around us. This is where coaching comes in.

A good coach isn’t going to come and give you all the answers; after all, you are the expert in your business. What a good coach will do though, is ask you some challenging questions to guide you down potentially new paths, leading to fresh ideas. Coaching uncovers things we had forgotten about or didn’t realise that we knew, so it can be an enlightening experience.

Coaching, just by way of setting aside a small amount of ‘private time’ can help in the process of reflecting on the business: having a good coach to guide that reflection can lead to some powerful ideas.

Coaching uncovers things we had forgotten about or didn’t realise that we knew, so it can be an enlightening experience

What can coaching do for me?

Executive coaching can help you to:

Identify clear goals and a better vision

Define your strategy for the business

Generate new ideas and transform your thinking

Understand your own values and beliefs more thoroughly

What does executive coaching provide?

Act as a catalyst for your ideas

A confidential environment for discussion and reflection

The chance to talk to someone outside your usual circle

Challenging, focussed conversations

An experienced coach to act as a sounding board and ‘Professional Friend’

Who is executive coaching for?

People in senior roles, business owners and entrepreneurs, can all benefit from coaching.

The objective and impartial view of a coach who is external to your business can raise fresh questions and see existing practices in a new light. Often, this is just the catalyst needed for identifying where change is needed (and then how to approach it). Being at the top is lonely as there can be an expectation that you know everything necessary and this isn’t always the case. Creativity can be hampered like the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. Ideas are not always there when you need them and seeing new possibilities isn’t always easy.

What do clients say about coaching?

Being able to talk at length about … my personal barriers, as well as strengths; and how I can start to approach ways of thinking that improve my self-perspective a bit!

It was great to actually have time to reflect on my own practice and discuss where I need to go next. It allowed me to lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

Gave me more clarity on making decisions and not linking them to emotions.

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