Monday Mojos – informal equestrian conversations over Zoom

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In lockdown last year we started up a ‘Mojo Monday’ get together over Zoom.  We discovered quite a few interesting things including:

  • We have quite many equestrian acquaintances but not so many people that we felt we could pick up the phone and talk to.
  • As a group we had a lot of experience, knowledge and equestrian understanding that was well worth sharing.
  • We had a variety of reasons for going out to competitions, but one of this top ones was the social effect.
  • Pivo cameras aren’t an easy ‘self-schooling’ option!
  • Having a coach with you helps with confidence and focus (even when we actually have a good idea of what we are doing).
  • Zoom means we are not restricted by geography!

…and that’s just for starters.

I was recently asked if we were going to do the Monday Mojos again to help each other to get through these miserable dark evenings.  It seems like a good idea: I don’t know about you, but once we pass the shortest day, get through Christmas and emerge into a new year, it always feels as if things should improve.  Our New Year resolutions, the lighter evenings, the weather…. And, as I sit here writing this at 4pm on 6th January 2022 it is almost dark, the rain is hammering against the window and I’ve had to warm up a bean bag to keep my toes from getting frostbite.  The horses will be out in the rain with their backs to the wind and probably sulking even when I head down to see them in the next hour. So, the disappointment of the new year hits soon and it hits hard (So here is a nice warm looking picture!)

We will be getting together for some more informal chats over Zoom on Monday 24th January at 7pm (BD rules and regs and when is a dressage 7 not a 7?!); Monday 21st February (7pm again, ‘Why is suppleness so important and how do we get it?) and finally Monday 21st March when we’ll have a quiz.  Everyone submits a couple of questions and then we all answer all but our own!

I am there to be admin and facilitator but I’m not going to provide lectures!  It would be lovely to see what everyone brings to the table this time.

See you there!


Let’s Enjoy Our Horses – Making the Most of Darker, Longer Evenings in 2020

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This Autumn and Winter, we will once again be at Amanda Leaker’s lovely indoor school on Wednesday evenings.  The sessions are no-pressure, sociable evenings designed for confidence-building and setting a firm foundation so that you can come out of Winter ready to enjoy long hacks, fun rides, dressage competitions or riding club activities as soon as the weather allows.

Alison Payne uses modern coaching and learning theories to help you discover how to get the most out of the time with your equine partner.

Focussing on confidence-building and building a firm foundation for your future, this series is ideal for green horses, nervous riders, new partnerships or people just wanting to get out over the Winter.

The Philosophy for these lessons is:

¨ No pressure

¨ Leave with a smile

¨ Celebrate small achievements

¨ No pace too slow

¨ Be sociable

¨ No question too silly

In short: enjoy yourself while you learn

Sessions are every Wednesday in the indoor school at Park Dressage, Goytre NP4 0AL starting from September 23rd,  5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Lessons are £25 per person with 2 or three per group

Flatwork pole-work or jumping