The client and their challenges

A Senior Leader in Education had lost her confidence and was anxious to pick up the reins again, restore her mojo and lead a really effective, cohesive Senior Leadership Team. Lost confidence can be an overt symptom of many other challenges to us and can it feel overwhelming.

How we faced the challenges

Over four intense coaching conversations, we identified just what confidence really meant for her personally and how regaining confidence would make her feel. Our conversations allowed for deep personal reflection both within and between our meetings and encouraged a different perspective on the situations that she was facing. We also gave consideration to how communication with the Senior Team could work most effectively – trying out small changes to see how people responded best.

What we acheived

She is now on a positive, upward path and has identified that some of her perceived barriers were not really her own; recognising that there were a few ‘ambushes’ adding to the challenge, or people staying quiet, helped to take some of the self-imposed weight from her shoulders. Best of all, she has a team that are more ‘on-side’ and looking forward to the next chapter in their work to create the best possible outcomes for all their pupils.

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