The client and their challenges

A senior HR manager was facing redundancy after almost 10 years in role and a successful career. She was around ten or fifteen years from retirement and still had university fees and a small mortgage to cover.

How we faced the challenges

We looked at options and her ideas and assessed which were ‘automatic moves’, ‘excitement temptors’ or novel directions. Searching coaching conversations uncovered her genuine strengths, fundamental values and practical needs. We explored the things that she enjoyed at work and the things that frustrated her.

What we acheived

We learned that things that she took for granted (like needing to search for a similar job) were not necessarily the best move; that she had a very strong need for orderliness and process and a real desire to make a difference. We also managed to take a metaphorical deep breath and focus energy on looking for the right role in a company of the right size and state of maturity and which demonstrated a clear match for her own values.

She is now several happy months into a new job which is ticking as many boxes as we could have hoped for.

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