Supporting - Sharing - Succeeding.

Coaching  supervision can be really helpful at just about any stage of your career.

Do you ever feel that:

You are becoming isolated as a coach?

You are ‘stuck’?

Your clients drain you of emotional energy?

You are losing confidence in your ability as coach?

Supervision in Coaching can create:

Professional credibility

New perspectives on self-awareness

Challenging but supportive discussions

New energy and a fresh perspective

New energy and a fresh perspective

Feel guilty that work takes up so much time/emotional effort?

If you can identify with any of these, then getting in touch with ARPAL Coaching could help you to start getting some answers.

Supervision in Coaching can provide a supportive environment where sharing your challenges and your successes allows you to develop and grow as a coach, succeeding in the valuable role that you’ve chosen as a coach or mentor for other people.

Supervision acts to be normative, formative and restorative. Coaching supervision uses a variety of techniques to help you – as coach – to improve your reflective practice, clarify your own plan for development and therefore to work confidently and effectively for your clients.

In a world where coaching is a widely used term, supervision in line with the guidelines of professional bodies such as the Association for Coaching (AC), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) will add to professional credibility and enhance your coaching practice.

Add to your professional credibility and enhance your coaching practice

What can coaching supervision do for me?

ARPAL Coaching Supervision can help you to:

Deepen and develop your learning as coach

Review questions of ethics and boundary management

Create clear contracts with your clients

Think creatively

What does our supervision provide?

‘Space’ for supported reflection

Re-grounding and new self-awareness

Learning through discussion and shared experience

A credible framework for your coaching clients

Who is coaching Supervision for?

All coaches and mentors, whether in their own practice or working in an organisational context can benefit from supervision.

Many organisations are now developing a coaching culture and training internal coaches. Supervision from an external, experienced coach can help to move their practice to a new level by offering impartial support. It’s also valuable for coaches who run their own businesses. On a wider level, it extends the understanding of good coaching practice to a much bigger audience and demonstrates real professionalism in coaching and mentoring.

What do clients say about coaching?

Being able to talk at length about … my personal barriers, as well as strengths; and how I can start to approach ways of thinking that improve my self-perspective a bit!

It was great to actually have time to reflect on my own practice and discuss where I need to go next. It allowed me to lift a lot of weight off of my shoulders.

It was good to come away with a ‘bigger picture’ of myself and what I am doing / how / why, as you don’t often get this opportunity

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